Industrial projects requires an enormous amount of expertise, equipment and financial resources to execute. Our industrial portfolio best showcases our company’s operating capacity; with the ability to constantly and consistently deliver structurally demanding projects. Some of these projects are in extremely remote regions of the country. With these projects, safety is our number one priority, our team is cautiously guid- ed by our strict Health and Safety policies.


Over the past several years, Home Designs & Engineer-

ing Associates has been contracted by the Guy- ana Water Authority (GUYWA), presently known as Guyana Water Inc. (GWI), and has to date installed pipe work varying in sizes from 50mm to 800mm in diameter, along with several Thou- sands water meters and Residential service con- nections in various locations of Guyana’s coast land. We have since been commision to construct a number of industrial projects, incluing but not limited to Water Treatment Plants, Power Plants etc.


HDEA is a full service general contracting firmthat specializes in all faculties of construction. However, through the completion of several ma- jor projects, we’ve become known for executing some of the countries most beautiful commerical Building. Meticulously following the construction document set, our team of engineers, Architects and other skilled assets allows us to deliver every

time.These include retail stores, commercial of-fices, restaurants, medical offices etc.
Working nationally from our headquarter located at 21 Princess Elizabeth Road New Amsterdam Berbice, we provide construction services across the country. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has led to repeat business with our clients and has been the cornerstone of

Residential construction

While Residential construction isn’t the core of our business, HDEA has completed a number of residence projects; bringing housing to a number of citizens. Our residential arm often collaborates with our Design branch to bring a new Class of Architecture to Guyana. The quality of Design inaddtion to our accurate / efficient constructionprocess has led HDEA to the forefront of delivering amazing homes to our clients. Our concepths often breaks away from what is perceived as tra- ditional home in Guyana, if the project does not already meet our design expectation, it is assist- ed by our design arm. Besides single residences we’ve aslo completed entire residential complex- es for public companies such as Olendorf.


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Home Designs & Engineering Assoc. currently possesses the largest fleet of ready mix concrete trucks and concrete pump truck in the Eastern part of Guyana. We can be counted on to supply you with the grade of concrete your project requires anywhere in the country. Our Prices are affordable and your savings both from time and labour cost will certainly impact positively on your bottom-line.

Equipment rental

Equipment rental fleet includes generators of various output ratings including concrete vibrators, plate compactors, scaffoldings and a wide range of construction equipment, in addition to light duty vehicles, backhoes, excavators, cranes, bulldozers, rollers, pile driving equipment, concrete trucks, dump trucks, and skid steer loaders.

Home Designs & Engineering Assoc., also represents several home owners for property rental. These buildings are fully furnished and are of the highest standards, complete with hot and cold water supply systems, air conditioning. We gen- erally cater for expatriates as well as others with peculiar needs.


Architecture respresent an extension of the company, complimenting our construction conglamorate. We are commited to delivering the highest qualities of design to meet the needs of our client. Our designs are a measured response to the client’s needs / desires as well as site/ environmental condi- tions. Our team walks you through the process from conception to construction, employing the use of advanced technology to show you exactly what would be built even before construction begins.

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